Post-marketing Surveillance

It is the act of observing the security of a pharmaceutical medication or therapeutic gadget after it has been released on the market  and it is a significant piece of the study of Pharmacovigilance. Since medications and therapeutic gadgets are endorsed based on clinical preliminaries, which include moderately little quantities of individuals. post marketing  can further refine, or verify  the wellbeing of a medication or gadget after it is utilized in the all inclusive community by huge quantities of individuals who have a wide assortment of ailments. It utilizes various ways to deal with screen medication and gadget security, including spontaneous reporting   databases, prescription event monitoring , electronic wellbeing records, quiet registries and record linkage between wellbeing databases. These information are checked on to feature potential wellbeing worries in a procedure known as information mining.

Sub Tracks:

  • History and objective of post marketing surveillance
  • Methods of surveillance
  • Drug approval process

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